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WordPress CMS

WordPress is a popular open source content management system (CMS).It is known for its large community of plugins developers.

Jamstack Architecture

The modern way to build websites and applications that offer better performance, performance and higher security.

Tailwind CSS design

Team UI Specialist (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).We use Tailwind CSS, excellent framework for building prototypes and complex interfaces.


We are specialized in the development of high performance, insurance, scalable, well-documented and easy to consume APIs.


We have database professionals that analyze and administer servers, performance and access security.


We have entirely dedicated developers in maintaining and updating your application.


Recursos e ferramentas que vão fazer você faturar mais!


Maior transparência

O ERP permite acesso total a todos os processos importantes em seus negócios. Monitore os níveis de estoque diariamente, incluindo as remessas futuras que ainda serão recebidas e o estoque dos produtos.

Relatórios e planejamento aprimorados

Sistema de relatórios unificado para cada processo e disponíveis a qualquer momento.

Melhor colaboração e fluxos de trabalho

Com um sistema ERP, todos os funcionários podem acesso, por exemplo, a dados relacionados ao desempenho da empresa e ao papel de cada um nessa evolução.

Website development

Differences between JamStack architecture and WordPress CMS

JamStack Architecture

WordPress CMS

Best performance

With very high performance without the introduction of an face or complex infrastructure.


Because JamStack sites send pre-built pages and do not have dynamic interactions with a server, they are much less subject to attacks.You do not have to worry about server or database vulnerabilities.


Static pre-rendering web pages are always indexed without any problem for Google bots.In addition, fastest loading times translate into great user experience, increasing engagement.


JamStack sites are pre-generated.This means that you can host them on a wide variety of hosting services and have greater ability to move them to your favorite host.


WordPress controls 60% of the CMS market (content management system)

User and permissions levels

If you want to create a blog with multiple editors, or an online store with several managers, this feature of WordPress proves to be essential.

Intuitive user experience

From the advantages of WordPress, with no doubt the most cited is the ease of dealing with a large number of accounts, controlling publications authors and easily managing the published content.

Affordable prices

WordPress meets the needs of virtually any type of website. They are all fully accessible.

Our Technologies

We work with Jamstack architecture to develop customized solutions with the best performance, security and user experience. We also work with CMS Wordpress for the development of applications that have as objective the best cost-benefit in the market.

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Select your template of preference and mark a meeting with our team. Also select your hosting plan, domain, SSL and maintenance of your application.

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